LONGTINGSMT starting to service for Central Asia

what means are now used to brighten the city landmarks: running around on the glass curtain wall subtitles, dazzling, beautiful LED outdoor advertising display on the wall, colorful decoration on the overpass! These are the masterpieces of LED products. Beautiful buildings, like a dream of leisure parks, dazzling landmarks, are dressed up by these technology […]

Each of Material and Assembling accessoriesare comparable to Top world brands

The speed of China’s technological development is evident to the whole world. In this development, the industry area the heaven and light both providing a excellent services to the whole word, Contributing China’s helping and supporting for the rise of world technologies. As a SMD industry manufactory, the competitive pressures not come from one direction, if […]

Keep upgrading the optimization the all in line machines conversatons

In a SMT work, we know that some conditions such as air press, voltage, temperature of working requirement, but there is another one should treated as focus. Application of sensor technology in SMT transfer systems is important as well, a smooth transfering and deliverying sensor job makes your SMT works in your ideal state, to […]

Let us see how the ChatGPT say SMT……

So, below comes from ChatGPT say about SMT: Surface mount technology, also known as SMT, is an electronic assembly technique used to mount components to the surfaces of a printed circuit board (PCB). It has been the standard for manufacturing electronic devices since the 1980s due to its higher efficiency and smaller size capabilities. SMT […]

Some tips for our customers before and when operator LongTing Pick and Place Machine

In a SMT job, the pick and place machine is the one in processing the most critical  and the most complex equipment, machine’s mounting quality directly affects the electrical performance of electronic products or electronic products quality stability, so in the purchase and setting of placement machine must pay attention to, there are some tips selected according […]

Shot on Big Shots -The top three giants of chip manufacturing

TSMC has many customers around the world and produces chips for a wide range of end markets, such as mobile devices, high-performance computing, automotive electronics, and the Internet of Things. Such diversified chip production helps to mitigate demand volatility, allowing the company to maintain high capacity utilization and profitability, as well as a solid return […]

Main production equipment of SMT line

The main production equipment of SMT production line includes printing machine, dispensing machine, mounting machine, reflow oven and wave soldering machine. Auxiliary equipment includes testing equipment, reworking equipment, cleaning equipment, drying equipment and material storage equipment. SMT line main production equipment I. Printing machine The printing machine is used to print solder paste or SMD […]

We will attend the 17th Ningbo International Lighting Exhibition in May 2023

May 8-10 in Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center, the exhibition pre-show area of 70,000 + square meters, there will be more than 2,000 lighting and related companies from home and abroad to bring the latest products, technologies and solutions. 2023 Ningbo International Lighting Exhibition” is committed to building a supply chain platform for both […]

To get a final investment option usually is not easy

The general SMT production process includes Solder Paste Printing, Placement and Reflow Soldering three steps, so to invest a complete SMT production line, necessarily including the implementation of the above process steps of the equipment: printing machine, placement machine and reflow soldering oven. Especially the PnP machine, often accounting for more than 70% of the investment […]