The speed of China’s technological development is evident to the whole world. In this development, the industry area the heaven and light both providing a excellent services to the whole word, Contributing China’s helping and supporting for the rise of world technologies.

As a SMD industry manufactory, the competitive pressures not come from one direction, if we do not deepen our research and development and break through the core technology, the road of future development will only be difficult.

The development of the LongTing Pick and Place technology growing for over 10years, learned form world brands, grown by develop our own sofeware and technology, to have our own technology projects with the intelligent motion control system, visual recognition system, image processing system and other core technologies have been developed successfully, LongTing SMT Desktop pick and place, Small production capacity pick and place , Full Automatic pick and place machines, the technology has become increasingly mature, has becomes a top picks of world buyers.

At present, LongTingSMT multi-functional placement machine core technology, all the underlying core technology and the upper layer of the application technology all independent research and development, and the products developed in the domestic and international markets have been fully stable use. The high quality materials and Assembling accessories promising that all the customers will have satisfied SMT producing lines, and customers will find each of assembling accessories are comparable to world top brands.

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