what means are now used to brighten the city landmarks: running around on the glass curtain wall subtitles, dazzling, beautiful LED outdoor advertising display on the wall, colorful decoration on the overpass! These are the masterpieces of LED products. Beautiful buildings, like a dream of leisure parks, dazzling landmarks, are dressed up by these technology products! And these LED can be the more “intelligent”, the contribution of the pick and place machine can be attributed to the global market in order to meet the intelligent equipment, must be updated, only more and more multi-functional, the more precise, accurate chip machine to meet the development needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. 

China-Central Asian trade up rising nearly 40% since Jan to Apr. Longtingsmt sharing this profit, new model pick and place machine LT4, LT6 and LT8 all in cooperation with Central Asian, the multi-functional design very welcomed, but according to the communications our customers mostly use to produce LED lighting. Normal LED are easy to start, think of they will use to mutiple industry with their better and better operation. Congradulations to them and LONGTINGSMT services never ending.

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