In a SMT job, the pick and place machine is the one in processing the most critical  and the most complex equipment, machine’s mounting quality directly affects the electrical performance of electronic products or electronic products quality stability, so in the purchase and setting of placement machine must pay attention to, there are some tips selected according to feedback from customers.  

A, the chip machine mount components to correct

In the mounting works, requires each feeder on the loaded components type, model, nominal value and polarity and other characteristics mark to conform to the product assembly diagram and detailed table requirements, can not paste wrong position.

Second,  position to be accurate

1, components of the end or pin are and pad graphics to try to align, center, and ensure that the components welding end contact solder paste graphics accurate, to have an angle of IC, diode and so on must be open placement machine visual identification system, through the placement machine visual identification in the components correction, accurate and error-free components paste on the PCB board;

2, component placement position to meet the process requirements.

Third, the mounting machine when the pressure (mounting height) to be appropriate

The mounting pressure of the mounting machine is equivalent to the z-axis height of the suction nozzle, and its height should be suitable. Patching pressure is too small, components welding end or pin floating in solder paste surface, solder paste can’t stick to components, in the transmission and after reflow soldering easy to produce position movement. In addition, if the Z-axis height is too high, SMD processing components from a high throw down, will cause the SMD position shift. If the placement pressure is too large, the amount of solder paste extrusion is too much, easy to cause paste adhesion, and then after the reflow soldering is easy to produce bridging, but also due to the sliding caused by the placement position shift, serious when it will also damage the components.

To do a good quality of electronic products, the above three points are inseparable, the layman looks very complicated, in fact, as long as the operation according to the SMD machine manufacturers manual, no problem at all. And we will also provide customers with professional training,  the SMD processing company could arrange one or two operators to learn carefully and according to the methods taught by our engineer team to implement, or send us your request if you need us send people to your processing address to support until you can operate machine very well.  

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