The coursed reasons for worker shortage are multiples so there is no single reason can tell why, several factors have come together. Some of these factors are: a lack of skilled workers jobs, the need to care for children or other family members health issue, low pay, and the pursuit of new skills and education. There are also mismatches between workers and open jobs, which may be influenced by systemic racism. But anyhow it is the problem and it is must be solved in a very short time, the easiest and quick one is be going to go to automation.

LongTingSMT its LT4, LT6 and LT8 pick and place machines supporting in this solutions, these three models all can be settled as the automatic SMT producing lines with others machines such as Automatic Stencil Printer, Reflow Oven, AOI or SPI Auto inspectors. With different nozzle heads and CPH will match your different investment level. Mounting range from 0201 components, LED, BGA, LQFP,QFN, QFP.  The flight camera and HD camera ensured your mounting precision, and LongTingSMT keeping using Panasonic original servo motors in driving system, TBI Screw Rod in XY axis rail guideway system, all these for you will no any concern to ready to go to set your automation SMT producing lines.

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