In a SMT work, we know that some conditions such as air press, voltage, temperature of working requirement, but there is another one should treated as focus.

Application of sensor technology in SMT transfer systems is important as well, a smooth transfering and deliverying sensor job makes your SMT works in your ideal state, to let the facilities in this line working in conversations.

LongTingSMT prefer to operate with SMT manufacture partners, such as Reflow Oven, Stencil Printer, Conveyor, settled with LT4, LT6 and LT8 pick and place machines as basic or high level lines, these lines tested by real circuit boads and real componets from 0201 and LED, make sure all the facility machines in the best sensor conversation, and finally LongTingSMT customers will receive the optimization SMT line.

As above we metioned the high level lines, in this kind of lines, the family machines for mostly are Automatic types, the circuit boads start from an Auto uploader, tranfered from auto stencil printer, auto SPI, auto pick and place mounter, Refow Oven, AOI tester, and more auto facilities machines or tools, so a good sensor net now is one of condition to ensure the speed and accuracy.

For more please go to to get in touch with us to work out a SMT line solution as your budget and capacities requirement.

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