The development of circuit board manufacturing technology is very fast.
Manufacturers with different conditions and scales choose different techniques.
Different manufacturing processes are also required for different types and requirements of circuit boards
But in these different process flow,
There are many essential fundamental links that are similar.

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The following are the essential elements that are essential.

  1. Base map film plate making

The base map film determines the graphics to be equipped when the circuit board is made,
In the process of circuit board production, no matter what process method is used to make it, it is necessary to use the base map film that meets the quality requirements.
So basemap film is an important tool when making circuit boards.
It is also the first process in the production process.

  1. Graphic handling

After the bottom plate is made, the designed circuit diagram must be moved to the copper clad plate.
This link is called graphics handling.
If the method of silk screen printing is used for graphic handling when making circuit boards,
Then first apply and adhere a layer of paint film or adhesive film on the screen,
Then make the printed circuit diagram into a hollowed out figure as required,
When missing printing, just position the copper clad plate on the bottom plate,
Let the screen and the copper clad board directly contact the printing,
After missing printing, it is dried and revised.

  1. Chemical etching

Etching is commonly known as rotten board in the process of circuit board production.
It is to use chemical methods to remove the copper foil that is not required on the board, leaving the pad,
Graphics such as printed wires and symbols.
In order to ensure the quality, pre-etching should be carried out before etching,
That is to say, immerse the copper-clad plate with the printed resist pattern in the etching solution.
After taking it out, use a row pen or a brush to dip in the etching solution.
Brush it on the board anyway,
Used to check graphics handling quality.

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