LTHT RHS Automatic radial insertion machine THT line

LTHT RHS Automatic radial insertion machine THT line


Product name Automatic radial insertion machine
Theoretical speed 23000pcs/h
Insertion angle 360°,increment of 1°
Substrate size Min 50*50mmmax350*280
Board thickness 0.79~2.36mm
Components specifications Max.height of 23mm13 mm in diameter
Lead span Double spacing

2.5/3.5/5.0/7.5/10.0mm optional

Components types Capacitors, transistors, triodes, LED lights, key switches, resistors, connectors, springs, potentiometers, fuse holders, fuses, etc.
Component Lead length of the foot 1.2~2.2MM (adjustable)
Component Lead Bend Angle 0-45°(adjustable)
Size of device Host 1700mm×1350mm×1600mm

(10 stations) 1200mm×1400mm×1200mm

(20 stations) 1700mm×1400mm×1200mm

Machine weight 1500KG
Power supply 220V, AC (single phase) 50/60HZ, 2.0KVA/1.5KW (energy-saving type)
Air pressure 0.6MPA/0.3m³/min
Hole position correction method Image vision system, multi-point MARK vision correction
Drive System AC servo, AC motors
Data entry method USB interface input (EXCEL file format)
Control System Chinese and English interface, Windows platform, LCD display
PCB delivery method Fully automatic (transport direction optional)