LTSP64 automatic solder paste printer

LTSP64 automatic solder paste printer


LT ASP640 automatic solder paste printer is the latest high-precision fully automatic vision solder paste printer stencil printer machine developed by Longting SMT team, .The whole machine is fully controlled by servo system.Automatic pressure feedback system.Multifunctional image processing system.Precise PCB transportation system.Intelligent PCB holding device.User-friendly operation interface.


Model  LT ASP64
operating system WindowsXP operation interface
signal connection SMEMA connector
visual parameters High-performance CCD and image processing system
Repeat printing accuracy ±0.015mm
Printing accuracy ±0.025mm
printing cycle <8s/block (excluding printing and cleaning time)
Steel mesh size 370*370mm~600*800mm
Screen frame fixed air cylinder
PCB size Min 50×50 mm , Max 600×400 mm
PCB thickness 0.4 ~ 6mm
PCB weight ≤3kg
Support method Magnetic ejector pin, magnetic ejector pin, manual crimping
delivery system One-stage conveyor system
Transmission direction Left-right/right-left/left-left/right-right (software control)
UVW platform adjustment range Not less than X: ±3mm; Y: ±7mm; e: ±2°
PCB transfer height 900±40mm
Platform adjustment angle Z:±2°
Squeegee pressure 0.5~10Kg
demoulding speed 0~20mm/s adjustable
scraper angle Standard 60°
software update free software upgrades
Air source 4~6 Kgf/cm2
main power supply AC: 220±10%, 50/60HZ, 2.5KW
Dimensions L1200*W1200*H1460
Net weight 435kgs